Screenshots uit het Ecmanage kleding management systeem

Ecmanage is suitable for a multitude of applications and market segments. Think for example of the target groups below:

  • Manufacturers & suppliers of corporate clothing
  • Technical wholesalers
  • Transport
  • Central government
  • Offshore
  • Security industry
  • And many other target groups...

    These groups and users can easily bring their service to a higher level with the help of Ecmanage. Specific advantages for this group are:

  • Adding an unlimited number of clients with their own user environment and house style
  • Reducing hidden internal costs

    For this group of users, the same applies as for producers/suppliers of corporate clothing. The technical wholesaler takes its services to a higher level with the following specific benefits:

  • Periodic testing of tools and PPE (signalling module)
  • Fitting out of company vehicles with personal equipment (mechanics/installers)
  • Custom products